Green Airlines setzt im Vertrieb auf Technik von Airxelerate


The new German airline Green Airlines will control its tourism sales in the future using technology from Airxelerate. The Calisto Distribution Platform offers the carrier high flexibility and scalability.


The new airline distribution system Calisto Distribution Platform is now also being used at Green Airlines. The young airline currently serves several holiday destinations from Paderborn and Rostock-Laage and closes gaps in the touristic flight schedule with dynamic flight planning. „Our system will adapt to the dynamic growth of the airline and will provide a wide range of tourist sales channels,“ says Nina Sifi, Managing Director of Airxelerate.


With the Calisto Distribution Platform for the airline market, the Berlin start-up has developed a cloud-based control and sales system that serves all relevant channels of travel sales. Calisto takes into account new technology standards in airline sales such as NDC and OneOrder.


After the airline broker International Carrier Consult, which represents foreign airlines in the German-speaking market, the Calisto distribution platform is now being used for the first time by a single airline. “Green Airlines offers climate-fair flights in Europe and dynamically adapts the offer to demand. A scalable sales platform like Calisto is an important basis for our business, says Green Airlines CEO Stefan Auwetter.


Flexible technology for the restart in flight


„Calisto is helping airlines to quickly open up new markets in the phase of vitalization of the flight business,“ says Airxelerate boss Nina Sifi. The newly developed system create efficient processes in sales management. The advantage is apparently recognized in the market. „More and more airlines and tour operators are talking to us about a possible use of our Calisto Distribution Platform,“ says Sifi.


About Airxelerate


Airxelerate was founded in Berlin in 2018. In addition to developing its own Calisto product line, the company also develops tailor-made IT solutions for tourism companies. Airxelerate overcomes technical boundaries between airlines and tourism and is a competence for data management and sales. With agile structures and modern technology, Airxelerate’s cloud-based solutions reduce complexity and costs. Building on decades of expertise, the founders of the Berlin start-up are breaking new ground in travel technology.